Golden Brown Women's Sepia Prairie Hedgren Oak Bag Shoulder dXHYqxp

Golden Brown Women's Sepia Prairie Hedgren Oak Bag Shoulder dXHYqxp

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Brown Sepia Women's Golden Oak Bag Prairie Shoulder Hedgren Sanatorio Americano

Sanatorio Americano
Montevideo - Uruguay

Period: Brown Hedgren Bag Prairie Sepia Oak Women's Golden Shoulder 2012
Application: Healthcare / Hospitals
Plant type: Bag Hedgren Prairie Golden Sepia Oak Shoulder Women's Brown Hydronic System
Air flow: 107000
Installed machines: 22 WIZARD units
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Located in the heart of the city of Montevideo, Sanatorio Americano represents the most important hospital of the country. The prestigious medical centre has been recently renovated.

The renovation process started in 2010 and ended in March 2012. The structure has been enlarged, increasing the number of operating rooms and medical areas. The real challenge was installing an air conditioning system which complies with the strictest hygiene standards.

The HVAC system designed for the hospital consists of 22 WIZARD units, which achieve air flow values of 107,000 m3/h. All the components have been designed to match all the specific requirements of the hospital. Special attention has been paid to the hygiene and cleaning standard, all while ensuring perfect comfort and the lowest noise emissions.
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Prairie Brown Oak Sepia Hedgren Women's Golden Shoulder Bag
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